We are often told that Multifeed International has opposite or rather different approaches and ideas compared to other suppliers or competitors. 

That’s why Multifeed International exists

Open minded, with an eye and mind for pigs and their environment, we create mutual awareness, inspiration and joy in our work. Acquiring new insights, without fear.

Our four pillars:

"Knowledge Into Practice"
Knowledge becomes a true asset when it is implemented in practice. We have a broad focus; genetics, health, husbandry and their guardians.

Multiple choice
Various production plants across Europe with different technologies and broad range of ingredients.

Exchange of knowledge and experiences. We are familiar with the swine business in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Creating awareness, through inspiration and joy.

The technical and financial performance of the animals depends on the total result of those 4 pillars after it has arrived in the trough.

Therefore, tailormade is not a service, it’s simply a must!