Feeding concept: Multifiber

The gut is known as the “gatekeeper of health’. That’s why we focus on feeding the prolific and positive bacteria in the large intestine. That part of the gut where the prolific bacteria have to defeat the pathogens every day.

Another important issue for the health of the gut, is movement in digestion. Stimulating the intestines prevents constipation and intoxication. Multifibre increases the volume of the feed by binding water and creates substrate at the same time.

Both of these increase continuity in digestion, satiety and better absorption of nutrients and minerals. So, it all starts at the end or you could say that the end is the beginning.

Ever wondered about the amount of additives and specialities there are on the market? If you use them all and get 60 piglets/sow per year, what then? Well, the feed costs will skyrocket to the moon, that’s for sure.

Therefore, start with the gut and save a lot of costs. And more importantly; the pig will reward you.